UniCredit Bank is an institution that strives to be the bank for people, bank with a human face.That’s why managers of UniCredit Bank decide to create something cool together with employees – the corporate calendar. The underlying concepts of this calendar is to show to the clients of the bank that employees of UniCredit are not just workers, but people with emotions and talents. On the other hand, the bank community should feel like a team. Vitamin has come up with stories about financial situations, based on the greatest world bestsellers: Harry Potter, Romeo and Juliet, Sherlok Holmes, The Tree Musketeers, The Great Gatsby etc. We have drawn the scenes, that combine allusions on original stories and also on everyday financial activity of UniCredit Bank’s clients. Our photographer, designers and art-director have created the micro worlds, in which bank employees become heroes of the famous stories. It should unite them: it should unite the Bank with its clients.

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